MigAA -- Migrating Art Academies
Mobility, migration, tourism ... flows of people, cultures, ideas. Social and economic flows.

The mobile laboratory from Cologne to Linz is an opportunity to transform our trip in a virtual connection.
Cologne a German city crossed the Rhine, through this river, the city is in "front" at the North Sea.
Linz an Austrian city crossed by the Danube River, through this river, the city is in "front" at the Black Sea.

The two major rivers, among the largest in Europe, along their path are affected from different cultural realities, cities and states, they absorb stories and taking objects and debris to spill into the sea.

We want to become a river! Along our journey from Cologne to Linz we want collect objects, feelings and experiences. At each stop we will collect the material that we will find the place (wood, plastic waste, pieces of iron ...) and once arrived in Linz with the material collected will construct a shelter in which you can tell/see/watch our journey.

We want to create a kind of imagination through the maze connecting the two rivers, the two seas (the North and Black) and consequently all the European countries crossed by the two rivers.